Hello Garage maniacs !!

I am Nurse Cheril. I’m proud to be the show’s co-host. You may wonder how I got to be on GARAGE-MANIA. Well, for one, I worked as an assistant to the import buyer, Tony Ruck, for Garage music at the now defunct Aaron’s Records in Hollywood, Ca for five years. It was the best job I ever had. For two, I have sung in many bands, so I guess I have cultivated my diction. And for three, Robby heard my voice and asked me to join his show. He gave me the nickname “The Nurse” because I was waitressing at the time and my uniform looked like a nurse’s outfit. So please keep listening. We appreciate your continuous support.


Love, Nurse Cheril

P.S. I am also an experienced museum exhibited artist. Check out my pics. Any questions or comments just contact me through this web site.